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Forgiveness & Reconciliation Oil - repair relationships

Forgiveness and Reconciliation Oil is one of my favorites and also one that is most forgotten and usually disregarded by people as they tend to jump ahead to wanting to make someone return back in their life immediatelt or sometimes, confuse what is the real essence of this oil and fail to get results.

Reconciliation is an act of consistency and repair to things to be seen in eye to eye with compassion and understanding. A lot of times, people use this oil - - when things have fully fallen apart and sometimes, way too ulate - - when a breakup already occurs.

Most reconciliation oils focuses on bringing back an old lover, but in reality, this oil is meant for healing the pain and trauma in the relationship or what a relationship might have caused or - - for healing between two people, may they be friends or lovers.

In this formula I created, it focuses on the healing, allowing forgiveness in the situation, opening the heart, repairing the relationship, especially when there is an on goingn struggle existing. It can bring an old flame or old lover back as well and it can improve the relationship - it can help draw in the bond nd sense of togetherness once again. It brings harmony back to the relationship.

This is especially good to use when you are in relationship and there are quarrels and issues you are undergoing... this will immediately aid to help fix issues before things go worst and sour (and usually this is what people forget, you need to use it before it gets worst... wo the effect is more seen and easier to deal with). It can also be used if you have broken up with your partner, but the earlier to use it - the better things becomes (hopefully, you have broken up in less than half a year) - - anything more than that can be a bit difficult, not impossible, but it can be difficult - - meaning, if it is still possible to fix that relationship, you will need to really do some, if not - a lot of love work in your situation.

PS. Usually, difficulties in getting back an old part er is due to resentment, pain, and residual anger - - so working on healing ns forgiveness is always a crucial step.

This oil contains the traditional ingredient for reconciliation, which is the Balm of Gilead. It also has herbs for reconciliation essencesl and Life Everlasting Flowers which is known for "Forgiving Love" ingredient.

Forgiveness & Reconciliation Oil - repair relationships

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