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Fire of Love - to heat things up, passion & desire

Fire of Love is one of the most oldest traditional formula since ancient times and have always been used to bring forth passion and desire to manifest itself in the physical world.

While it has that very "carnal and animalistic" tone and energy, this is not really meant to attract pure sexual partners, but to "wake things up" and get things going to an existing partnership or to give things a "push" towards someone to take action on their desires towards you, etc. It does have "fire & burning intensity in this which can give one energy and motivation to do things - - even when you may not feel like it (even after using it) and suddenly, you might just still notice that things will get going anyway - hot and spicy is the key to this!

Many people of the old times have used Fire of Love to strengthen their bonds with their partner, used increasing ones physical attraction as well and increase ones desirable rate to the opposite sex, it does have a "slight influencing and control nature" and has been said to be very effective to menas the scent allows them to engage to things - like things heating up inside and the only way to settle it down is to burst it all up to the physical and external world. It also brings joy and happiness to couples who have used it.

Nowadays, most workers would use Fire of Love in conjunction with other love oils to foster love and desire in a person or particular partnerships. It is said to aid those in new partnerships to jump into the next level in entering a more intimate form of connection as well.

Can be used in finding a new date or lover or making that particular person turn things into a more romantic setup, it could also increase your seductive powers, arousing your passion or ones passion, and has a possibility to even make things easier for others to agree and give in to you. It can be used for anointing, bath works, contact magick and candle magick.

Not just in love, it can be used to business ventures as well in conjunction to oils that supports it.

Fire of Love - to heat things up, passion & desire

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