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Evil Eye Protection Oil

Evil Eye Protection Oil is an advanced formula and highly protective oil that will ensure that you are safe from any form of harm and evil influences and attacks that may come your way - - not just from evil and envious people, but also with entities, evil spirits and it could trip up even the devil itself!


All ingredients in this mixture are all imported overseas as each herb are all "rare" ones that cannot be taken here locally. It has Devil's Dung, Black Hen Feather and Powder, as some of the ingredients that comes along with this - - which are all that battles and gives protection to the evil eye and negative influences. The special thing about this is that it can also act as an uncrossing and it reverses back and protects you from black magick / conjures and witches, as well! You can never go wrong in having this oil with you, for sure - - even if it's just for emergency purposes!


There are many ways to use it, by annointing yourself, your "items" that may have been affected by the evil eye or bad juju - - you can bathe with it or annoint your heels and feet before going out, etc. You can also use it in candle magick as well, if you like! 

Evil Eye Protection Oil

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