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Entice My Lover Oil - for LDR situations!

Entice My Lover Oil is something that is especially made for people who feels that their partner is being distant to them or beginning to distant themselves from them!


(A lot of misconceptions of people to do some magickal work when you already lost someone, but contrary to that - - sometimes, when you already lost them, it is the hardest to get them back, so it is mostly recommended before that even happens, you need to do something to pull them towards you as soon as you can and make sure they stay where they are!)


This oil is specially made for people who desires a form of reconciliation (with some communication still on your part and that person existing), it can also be used to make them be interested in you, get focused on you and have more interaction with you if you feel they are losing interest. It is meant to entice, influence, etc... It can also be used to strenghten a current relationship and bring loyalty and a stronger connection to an existing partner. 


If you combine this with a forget me not oil, it will make that person go to you while thinking of you and being reminded of you in a lot of wonderful ways. Further instructions will be provided upon purchase.



Entice My Lover Oil - for LDR situations!

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