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Crucible of Courage Oil - action, courage, victory, assertiveness!

We all face life in trials and tribulations, don't we? 

Now, this oil is called the Crucible of Courage Oil and it is meant to give you the courage to face those challenges, allow you to take action, have confidence, gives you the strength you need to overcome adversities in life - - especially when you feel you are in a bind or in a situation you feel is hard to get out of, etc. It allows you to face challenge in a productive and positive manner that allows you to act with conviction and not through reckless actions.


This oil can be used in various ways depending on your goal and intention but it is most likely highly effective in work and career situations, public speaking, overcoming negativity and needing to break apart obstacles in your way, battling with fears and giving courage to work through personal relations as well. It can also be something to use to give someone an act of courage to take action - instead of giving in to fear and doubt. (Sometimes, we focus on love and feelings that we forget that people's resistances is due to fear - - thus, this oil is so much essential in making someone take action and have some initiation to take the first step forward)!


Can be used as a perfume for yourself or used on candles for rituals - - you can use it on red, yellow, purple, white and orange candles. 

Crucible of Courage Oil - action, courage, victory, assertiveness!

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