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Coon Dong Love Bone

This Love Bone from a Raccoon is another root that is unusual and not commonly heard - - also called a Penis Bone, it is said that if a man wishes to gain the love of a woman, he would give her this love bone as a token of his power and self-esteem or he would burry this bone beneath her doorstep or in her yard (I heard of a story where it was below the mattress of a woman's bed, but this is to aid intimate and sexual situations whenever two people do their "stuff" in that bed, ofcourse). Most gamblers would also make use of this as they would wrap around money towards this bone, annointed with some money oil and carry it to their pockets while playing some game of chance type of games for them to win.


I personally have never used this bone before, but I have heard how much it is used in love workings especially when dealing with "men" and "women" for various purposes, *wink.  


This is also considered to be a "sex" amulet. If you know how to properly make a love altar, you would know that it is a "need" to have an item that depicts the symbolism of a male's private part and female one as well. There are different amulets to make use of it ofcourse, though there is no availability for that locally as I have seen, so this one is one of the best one to use in my personal opinion. There are also different method of using this one especially if it is "named" for a particular person.... (a lot of possibilities). It really depends how one will be using it. More into that in the instruction manual when you purchase. 


As you can see, it is not only used for love but also for luck in general. Though, when a man uses it for luck games, it is more powerful. I actually only have 3 or 4 of these, though I might keep two of them as one is something I am putting in my Bone Divination Set and one is for.... (ehem, personal use). 

Coon Dong Love Bone

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