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Come to Me Ritual Kit

It's finally here! I would only usually sell this to some clients who actually requested for this one, but so many people have been asking me on this kit to be placed on the site, so here it goes. :)


The Come to Me Ritual Kit is really a DIY ritual spell kit that one can do by themselves. It is meant to bring someone towards you and draw them in and have them come into your life. It is good for situations where in you want someone to enter your life, to draw and attract a particular person or a lover or have this lover have more romantic feelings towards you or foster that emotions that have existingly to bring a sense of togetherness between you and another person. This is also a must ritual for situations where one is wanting to find a lover or have a new love come into their life.


In this kit here are the things you will receive:

- A full instruction kit of Come to Me Ritual Kit (step by step instructions on how to do the ritual and the bath and even how you can do the ritual itself)

- A love mixture bath to draw love to you (can be used for 1 to 3 days)

- A human figure candle of the gender of the person you are wanting to draw in.

- A come to me oil specifically for "drawing in love / drawing in a lover in your life)


Note: You can definitely do the ritual without the human figure candles but a lot of times they signify a specific person so a lot of people do prefer gender-based humanoid candles for their workings. You can use only one candle even if you are in a relationship and want to bring forth your partner or a person, but you can also use two candles together as a more powerful connection to bringing forth two people together. 


The basic ritual kit usually would just be the entire instruction kit, come to me oil and the love bath mixture. You may need to make additional payments for the human figure candles as an addition and an instruction list how to use that candle for the ritual. Thank You! 

Come to Me Ritual Kit

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