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Chakra Empowerment Oil - rebalance, connect, empower

Chakra Empowerment Oil is created with herbs and essential oils that each represent the Seven Main Chakras of our Body. It is meant to be used to help you connect to youe chakras - either by healing, unblocking, re-balancing, aligning them. It can be helpful ro use when you so a reiki session, or for meditation. You can anoint specific area of your area that portrays the chakra you wish to work on as you see fit. I personally use Chakra Empowerment Oil for Chakra Empowerment Rituals - - where in you would need to do some candle work with the color that represents the chakra, and working on that - - to heal and make that specific chakra point stronger.

Sometimes, when we do energy healing and reiki work, we notice that we are able to align it and then, noticing that specific chakra is weaken again or having some issues. In that situation - Chakra Empowerment can be beneficial for you by doing a ritual and ability to connect more to activate that specific chakra.

You can use this on a diffuser, anoint to self, and also be taken to bath and body massages if you wish to do so. A mini ritual instructions will be provided upon purchase which you can do in case you do not know how to use it. This oil can also be uplifting to your aromatherapy needs for your mind, body and spirit.

Chakra Empowerment Oil - rebalance, connect, empower

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