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Anger Be Gone Oil - brings peace, calms target, restore harmony

Anger Be Gone Oil is one of those oil to use if you find yourself in a situation where there are a lot of fighting, resentment, quarrels and uneasiness going on in your home, space, family, friends or if you know someone who is really angry at you and you are wanting to resolve things with them - but can't due to some high level of stress and anguish they may be feeling or you may be having.

This is not to be confused with Forgiveness and Reconciliation as they are entirely different - - this is more of a situation wherw things are heated up, there are tensions arising and much discord is going on. Regardless whether its love, family or a friend - - it can be used for any purpose where in you want to calm things down and remove anger or stresses going on.

This is created with various peace inducing herbs and essences along with those that brings calmness in the situation, so it is alao helpful to be used by oeople who does have anger management issues. I added ingredients to dispel "evil" and "darkness" to this blend - - as sometimes, anger is a form of negative chi or spirits or dark form of energy can surround that situation inflicting more anger to things. So this will be helpful on those.

Ofcourse, if you are dealig with a partner or friend that is special and you have desirs to smooth things forward and bring reconciliation in, if is recommended to use it with Forgiveness and Reconciliation Oil. If you are just using this for yourself to temper your moods and energy using it with Clarity Oil or High Vibe and Positivity Oil will be very good and very healthy for your emotional, psychological and mental health as well.

Anger Be Gone Oil - brings peace, calms target, restore harmony

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