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Adam and Eve Oil - commitment & faithfulness

Adam & Eve Oil is a traditional and rare conjure (simply because it is hard to get these roots even in overseas), these create a gluing substance when mixed together, hence the notion that it is very good to use in relationships, love and commitment because - - it will glue the partnership together (does not really talk about genders but all due to the essence of the herbs).

It has been said that if you are a woman and you wish to attract a rich partner in marriage you would need these adam and eves along with the addition of certain love herbs and Jezebel root in a mojo along with Jezebel Oil as you do your love work. To find a new partner, get an Atteaction Love Oil and Asam and Eve Oil to a human figure or blessed pair of candle for a male and female or whatever gender you attract and annointing them every night for a certain period of time before burning them - best before a Full Moon.

With an Adam and Eve oil, it also is good for marriage proposals & make your partner or special one be faithful to you.

Can be used as a perfume whether to attract a new lover or ignite the sparks for an old flame or in aiding and helping marriages or rheir marital issues. Can be used in bath works too. This oil has a bubch of attraction herbs and also made with the infused adam and eve root from my collection (it is improper to ush these herbs as it is very symbolic and sacred, however do know it is part of my collection that I pray for and use in my base oil and the oil that you receive will come from that allnf with its other ingredients).

Adam and Eve Oil - commitment & faithfulness

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