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Krissy has been offering spiritual services since 2011. She started with exclusive international client around the globe, from Bitwine, Oranum, Live Person, Kasamba and Psychics Live.

In this page, you will see various spiritual and rootwork services that Krissy offers. Please know that Krissy exclusively will work on your case with these services. Please read through the product description before making a purchase. These are more of the heavy duty kinds of workings and customized for your specific needs and intentions. Krissy takes quality into consideration when working on spiritual services and rituals so we advice everyone to be patient. Most important of all, please follow the guidelines and reminders - no spiritual service comes with immediate results. Belief and trust in the worker and the work being done is essential, too. Krissy usually tends to be fullybooked, but she does reply - so request some patience when waiting for response to any concern you may have. Thank You - - and thank you for choosing to trust us. Blessed Be!
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