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Break Up / Separation Jar
Full Names and Birthday, along with Photos is needed for this work to be done. 

This jar is to meant to enclosed two people and create various influences to bring chaos, arguements and triggering situations and fight and anger with two people to create influencing factors to pull then apart and eventually create a breakup in their relationship situation. This jar will be sent to you once it has been done and all you need to do is to find a dark spot where no light will ever be shown - and place that jar in that location. When using, shake it like a mad person as you pour your energy to the jar to tear up their relationship and cause confusion and bitterness to their relationship so they will go on separate ways. Do this few minutes a day daily or do it every Saturday if you wish. Light a black candle on it to give power to it on top of the jar and once done, put it back in that dark location as mentioned earlier. 

Break Up / Separation Jar

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