Solar Eclipse December 2019 – The Resurrection of the Dead

On December 26, 2019, there is going to be a New Moon, in an Annular Solar Eclipse at 4° of Capricorn. This Solar Eclipse December 2019 is going to be very powerful as it gives us a glimpse of what we are bringing in to the entire year of 2020.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse comes with good fortune and blessings that can actually last for the long haul. It is not only in a conjunction to Jupiter, but it also forms a trine to Uranus as well. With Mars in a sextile to the Saturn and Pluto conjunction, this is giving us the energy that it is now the right time to take action.

This solar eclipse brings finality into the surface as if telling us…

We have done our research and it is now the time to implement things, finalize things and get things going and running. Whatever we work on during this time, can actually stay there for the long haul! There is no turning back, at this point! We become sure, serious and true to ourselves. We had our fair share of failures and disappointments – we have learned from it and from here on forwards, we are facing the truth head on… WE ARE READY!

The Solar Eclipse (Annular Solar Eclipse – not a Total Solar Eclipse?)

When the Moon darkens the ray of the Sun, a solar eclipse occurs… However, this time around, we have an annular solar eclipse and this means that the Moon is farther away from the Sun, leaving a ring of light shining through the eclipsed Sun.

In a nut shell, this would mean that the Sun will still emit direct light – not of the usual solar eclipse. Despite that the moon and the sun are in the same degree, we will noticed that that moon is smaller in diameter and this, is what makes the annular solar eclipse.

Solar Eclipse December 2019 – Astrology Highlights & Predictions

December 2019 Solar Eclipse Astrology by Kristine Niu (Krissy Astrology)

This New Moon (Sun conjunct Moon) gives a powerful influence in this Solar Eclipse. In the sign of Capricorn, it marks a time where we can create new beginnings in our life where Capricorn is in our own chart. This isn’t about being happy or feeling optimistic… but, it’s all about materialization and making use of our logical and analytical skills as we put in the hard work and effort in certain areas of our life – depending how this will play out for us on a personal level.

We want something to happen and with this alignment, we will work on something and even disciplined ourselves to achieve success to whatever venture or goal we have put ourselves upon.

The solar eclipse conjunction to Jupiter will have the influenced of Sagittarius and Capricorn in combination, so it will give an element of good fortune, expansion, prosperity and growth – all the good things that Jupiter brings. However, it can also bring a serious tone into things where discipline plays an important role – not just about taking a leap of faith, because that alone is just not enough anymore.

It is not about just believing in things, but the need to make something happen is strong, because we realized that how we have handled things in the past is not working. So, it is not about depending things upon fate… but it is that time where we take the driver seat and navigate the energy by ourselves.

We no longer want other people to control us and to dictate what goes in and out of our lives… we do something and we initiate things to make it all happen.

Let us not forget that Jupiter will become invisible as a result of this solar eclipse. (Read all about Jupiter combust by the Sun by clicking this link)

So, the energy becomes more powerful and erratic, especially if you are the type to do things overly too much – you might feel the negative effects of it as a result. When Jupiter combust is present… it’s all about karma from past behaviors, too. Something big can happen, and when such thing arises – this is Jupiter, after all.

With Jupiter and Saturn joining in together, a need for control and balance is crucially needed. So, this can either bring a sense of acting responsibly for many people and it can also bring a sense of feeling pessimistic and critical to others – it really depends which side of the coin you are in.

This solar eclipse will also trine Uranus in Taurus which raises the element of surprise, sudden revelation and insights that comes along with this alignment. This could bring a light bulb moment that gives us a sense of idea or clarity into a situation. With Taurus and Capricorn, this is something that has to do with a foundation, something that is already existing… and what we can do to make it work in an effective manner.

It might even make you wonder why you have never done this in the past… when everything is right in front of you.

With the supportive aspect of Jupiter trine Uranus, this brings the essence of hope and the opportunity to make things work out. It’s not about blind faith alone, but the practical solutions that comes with it, to get the real sense of hope which can come out as a positive blessing to us, one way or another.

So, What makes us happy? What will give us happiness? And what have you been resisting all these time or even months? This is a time where we are done running away and we just want to be true to ourselves. There is balance of emotions that surfaces during this time… It could be that we are ready to face the truth to a long standing situation, to confront it and maybe, to find our own happily ever after in the process of things, too.

Mars sextile Saturn, will push us to the limits as we take action, after trial & error, after all the analysis & research we have done. Mars in Scorpio will makes us take action & with Saturn in Capricorn, this is about getting to the goal and seeing things through the end.

We are definitely, ready! Our desires are now coming to reality!

Solar Eclipse December 2019 – Fixed Star & Asteroid Influence

This Solar Eclipse will be under the heavy influence of the fixed star, Polis – a fortunate star, that gives truth, success, high ambition and keen perception. Mars also will conjunct the fixed star of Agena, giving a promise of success and happiness with a touch of refinement, morality and honor. It is also related to scandals, self-sacrifice and expression. Last but not the least, this solar eclipse will oppose the asteroid of renewal, Aesculapia.

The asteroid, Aesculapia, has its name coming from the Greek God of Medicine, Asclepius, the son of the Greek god, Apollo. It is the symbol of miraculous healing, cure and resurrections – including the ability of bringing people back to life.

This can signify strongly that… something that which you think has died, done and over, suddenly… comes back alive! With the strong association to the “snake” it can tell us that events that may occur comes with a risk – there is a thin line between poison and cure and the need to be accountable to the things we do are highly emphasized. We need to act responsibly and we cant just waltz in and out of things just because we feel like it.

Predictions for All Zodiac Signs – WHAT HAPPENS FOR YOU?

ARIES(10th House) [Hanged Man and 5 of Cups] – There could be realizations and regrets you are experiencing at this time, which will force you to take things a little bit seriously this time around. There is a decision you need to make and maybe, there is something you need to clear out, too – for the purpose of clearing your name, reputation of how other people see you or your career.

TAURUS(9th House) [Queen of Pentacles and The Empress] – Coming from a negative situation, you will find answers how to proceed with your life. You will receive the fruit of all the hard work, hard experiences you have been through and this time around, you are wiser. You will begin things in your life that may bring bountiful results – this time, in a way that will work and that is more effective. You have learned from your mistakes – patience will be rewarded and you are ready for more expansion and growth in your life!

GEMINI(8th House) [7 of Swords and Knight of Pentacles] – You may get out of a crisis situation or you may also enter a crisis situation in your life. Your integrity with how you handle people, your resources and work can be tested – morality, ethics and professionalism are at stake. This is not the time to be shrewd, else you might enter a long term problem in the future. However, this is also a time where you will find an escape hole to an existing problem. You might earn a lot of money but it comes with effort and hard work. Be mindful you are not being targeted by con artist in the process, too.

CANCER(7th House) [3 of Wands and 2 of Wands] – You have been patiently waiting for things to happen, and this could be the time where things finally make a shift in your life. Harmony and alliances will come into harmony back into your relationship sector – whether it’s career, friendship, love and romance… a new beginning takes it place! A relationship you think is over, might make you realized, it still has a lot more to offer – there are fortunate events that comes along, giving you a sense of happiness.

LEO(6th House) [6 of Cups and Queen of Wands] – You may start doing something you have already done so in the past, it could be some form of work and service you were in before, that you want to pursue again. It can happen and you might think it is your calling. You also need to be wary in dealing with people from the past that creeps up in your life – maybe a form of gossips or people talking behind your back can come up… there will be a need for you to deal with this and say the truth and clear things up once and for all.

VIRGO(5th House) [Queen of Swords and The Magician] Someone could be entering your life that will bring you a sense of joy, excitement and happiness all at the same time! There will be a lot of communication and manifestation that comes along with this… think carefully, what do you want to attract in your life? What kind of a lover you want – you might just attract them! Some form of wish fulfillment might be in the air for this! All delays and restrictions are over and you want to strive to make something happen now!

LIBRA(4th House) [8 of Wands and The Hermit] – Your feelings and emotions are going to get a sense of renewal as if you suddenly get revitalized over something. Something is about to begin in your private life as if… the universe is granting your wishes into reality. You could be reviving an old relationship or you might just see an outcome of a situation you have been holding on to… the past few years or even months. Where are they leading you? Does it have any future? Regardless of what comes through… it will give a sense of enlightenment. You are recovering from a difficult situation!

SCORPIO (3rd House) [The High Priestess and Knight of Cups] – It’s time to communicate your truth! You will either receive a news or maybe, you are the one delivering this news to someone and it involves the delivery of insight and clarity to a long standing situation. Learning from mistakes of the past, you are now ready to express and tell everything you know to resolve a situation. There could be revelations that could arise with your every day life, which could have profound developments that can lead a successful venture.

SAGITTARIUS(2nd House) [The Fool and Temperance] – This could be a time where you may start to implement an idea in earning more money for a more stable income. There could also be a reconciliation and coming into terms with some form of support you have in your life. Maybe you are about to make a decision and you might choose the path that leads to a more harmonious state to what will benefit everyone involved.

CAPRICORN(1st House) [Death and 8 of Wands] – You might receive a sudden news which could be related to a family affair, marriage or some form of status quo you have in your life and relationships. This could require some form of transformation, you could be changing things or are forced to change things due to the fact that old ways and habits are not working anymore. This could be a change or improvement of your appearance, personality and energy vibration regarding how you want other people to see you.

AQUARIUS (12th House) [Knight of Wands and Knight of Cups] – You might suddenly find yourself quite emotional during this time. There could also be someone from the past that comes back into your life or you might initiate some contact or connection regarding a person or circumstances in the past. You are acting upon your urges and what you are feeling right now. What gives you satisfaction and contentment in life? Who gives you that feeling and what makes you feel this way? Whatever it is or who it is… you might be unlocking the doors in reaching out to that moment of your life again – because it’s what makes you feel alive. You are done regretting things!

PISCES (11th House) [9 of Wands and 2 of Pentacles] – You have been uncertain regarding a connection with someone you used to connect with… you might take action to re-connect with them. You are wanting answers, you might be deliberating… but you may be fed up trying to force control on yourself. You have been resisting trying to talk and connect to someone you care about. This could be the time where you finally reach out! This will also make you reflect if you made the right decision regarding a previous connection in your life… there is hesitation on a previous decision. You might also reflect if you have been in the right path all these time… your belief system is being tested and you are going to correct things and do something to balance everything out to bring back harmony in this area of your life.

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