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Everything you need to know regarding Rituals and Rootwork Services you may have purchased... This information has been decided to be put here on the website due to the fact that Krissy is just unable to individually one by one message each clients due to the huge number of clients she gets daily.

These information is effective for most kinds of workings, especially work done by Krissy - - a lot of these information are not shared by most practitioners but Krissy firmly believes that it must be shared for clients to have an element of 
transparency to the work being done for them and for the knowledge and awareness of people in general as there are just a lot of misconceptions on the net out there. We believe that each client has the right to know regarding what they should expect from any kind of work and rituals being done for them. It is our hope that with this information it helps you get closer to your goals and helps you have a firm outlook on the rituals you are taking & about to take, etc.

The first thing you need to know is that there is no ritual done overnight, it does not mean you had a ritual done meaning... it will have an immediate effect on your target or situation. It is possible, but a lot of times these are unlikely to occur and happen. The speed of the results varies from person to person, from case to case and you should not lose heart if you do not see any result on the work done for you. A lot of times... it takes time to process and get the manifestation to occur in reality, especially when you have a very complicated and toxic situation.

No matter how long you have been trying to get the goal you are seeking, whenever you do a ritual or working - - it all goes back to zero, to DAY 1 all over again, especially when it is done by another rootworker or spell caster. So you shouldn't combine all those time with a single worker... rituals done to you and for you always brings fresh energy to your goal. Ofcourse, there are a lot of do's and don'ts to any kind of rituals, too. Hopefully, you are not making any of the mistakes I am to mention here as that is the fastest way to sabotage your rituals, so if nothing occurs... don't be surprise anymore. Sometimes, it's not because the ritual was done wrong, but it might be the influence you have placed on the situation added and contributed why things didn't work out. Again, it is highly important you seek recommendations of the worker you seek. A lot of people think most rootworkers only want to get more money to the clients which is why it is pricey and I will admit, some rootworkers are like this. However, in most cases... depending on how complicated your situation it is just impossible to expect that one ritual will do all the miracles for you. That is plain fantasy - - sometimes, it is just not possible. So you do need to keep in mind for the reasoning behind why such is recommended. 

In most cases, I have a habit of not wanting to charge my clients high price services... so I don't always offer all kinds of options to the clients unless I feel they truly need it. Each rituals has certain level of percentage for success to occur. I always offer the safest and most probability but at the same time, because it is the safest.... it is the most natural method, too. This means, I do not call "certain entities" and what not, unlike other workers to increase the speed and effectiveness of the work and ritual done for the client. While I am initiated and have spirits that I do work with... this is not advisable for everyone else as the effect of each spirits will vary from person to person. If I do see a chance of success with a spirit for that client, I still... also do not offer it, unless the client itself urges me that she wanted more power, more effectiveness and ofcourse, he or she be willing to pay for that service, too. Obviously, it is more expensive. It is important that even though the client is not the one doing the ritual, they need to give a lot of respect when they know a spirit or deity will work on their case... because any kind of disrespect whether they say this or not - the spirit will know, and it may have a negative effect on their rituals. So again, that is another reason I do not offer this on the fly. However, I am open to listen to cases when a client asks for it.... so just keep this in mind. 

Another topic we should address first is: Negativity. Being negative might be a normal feeling to you because you are worried, anxious and you feel down. I know it is normal and I am not saying you should be a robot... However, it is still a fact that feeding into this energy will do you more harm than good. 

Again, let me repeat - - there are cases that comes to fruition quickly and some will take longer and some, takes even much longer than that. Let us be reminded that in most cases, we are dealing with "humans" and their spirits, physical world circumstances, difference in people, places, opinions, beliefs and a lot of things comes into play on each cases and situations. A lot of movement needs to come together to see the result from a ritual or spell work.

None of us (even me, myself) wants to be patient... however please be aware and know that we are doing things spiritually and spiritual actions are rarely quick, but still... do not lose heart. Believe in the work being done for you, trust the worker and trust the process yet do not get fixated on the ritual itself, go on with your life and know that the magick occurs continuously.


Now, let us discuss some things to keep in mind when you have a ritual done for you.

SABOTAGING YOURSELF & THE RITUALS ITSELF: Unfortunately, people do sabotage their own rituals and spell works. A lot of times, this is because in their psyche and unconscious mind and being they may not want it to happen - maybe out of fear or other issues they may have regarding on the situation. You may wonder, there is a lot of things not allowed and a lot of things required to be done when a ritual is being done and this is the reality and truth of the situation. You started the spell work, you desired it and thus, you should uphold and do what you can to help the situation, too! This is something you have set in motion and even though you did not do it yourself (or maybe you did) - - it is still your responsibility to take steps to get your manifestation to occur and get to the goal you are seeking!

BIG MOUTH AS THE FOOL: Did you know that SILENCE is GOLD? This is a golden rule to most spell casters and root workers... one should never share or tell anyone of their spell work. Not a soul, nothing at all! There is power in keeping things hidden, there is energy there that will not leak out. Ofcourse, this is a tricky thing especially since you as a client won't know when a ritual is being done and that is the reason I do share photos of the spell work, etc. However, in most cases this should not even be allowed to begin with.... this is the reason I sometimes share it, I sometimes do not. I try to limit it as much as I can if possible. However, I find that for the client to know I actually did the work for them, they should see it, too. But really, one should not see it nor talk about it... even if I do talk about it to the client, which is mostly okay - - the client should never talk about this to someone else. They might be a friend to you but you will never know what they think about the action you have taken. Their "thoughts" can messed up and jinx your own rituals. I may share things to you as a client but it does not mean you should take and share it for the world to know and see. So, when you are working a jar or any rituals you have purchase from me... unless you know someone will completely support your work through and through, best to not share that information. It will be a long topic, but when you share plans to people... the energy sometimes is lost and instead of you fulfilling that plan, you end up not doing it. It has the same concept as this. So keep this in mind at all times.

LOVE WORK RITUALS CONCERNS: Seriously, do you really think it was that easy? A lot of rootworkers never say this but love rituals is never easy. You are dealing with people here. Always remember, when you do a "ritual" or work done for you, we do the work for the ritual and then we or you work on it again to get it done. It may sound confusing so let me rephrase it... A ritual work will be done for you, but it is your job to follow through and ensure the success of that work. This clearly means that regardless what action we take, you need to make an effort to help the situation.... you can't be just a cinderella waiting for the magick to occur to you and ignoring all physical and material actions just because you had a spell or ritual done. That is wrong in many levels and the main reason why most rituals gets no result, especially in love.

Remember, what I am saying here is not a love dating advice, but I am saying that during the duration and period of the spell work and before things have actual progress we should keep in mind the following things:


  • Avoid any kind of arguments with your person. Seriously, why are you adding more oil and fire to the situation when you both haven't even fixed things yet? Nothing is worth arguing about at this point.

  • Never talk about the past bad situations. Nothing can change that, it has already occurred. You want to move forward into your relationship, right? Focus on that and don't focus on your issues with how they are to you in the past and what not.

  • Please be good to your person. Smile to them, be pleasant and just be good to them, period! You don't always have to fake it forever, but for this moment in time... the best thing you can do is to pull them with your grace. Any crying, giving ultimatums, pleading and any negative action you feel and take during that will have adverse effect on your ritual.

Always remember that each rituals will do as they are supposed to do and it may not always be what you have in mind. Not for the duration and time of your choosing. A lot of people give up too soon... Remember, sometimes having quick results is not always a good idea either. Know that if your person is not ready for the goal you desire to occur, forcing them will not help and it might just give temporary results. Sometimes, it might be best we go the highway and go for long term ones. 

Many times people asks for spells AFTER they have already reached the end of the road where they are frustrated and anxious. Most easily done rituals and workings needs to be done and occur before the situation gets worst so that it can still be easily salvaged, ofcourse... it highly depends if it is still meant to continue on or not, too. Unfortunately there are certain situations that is hard to do. I myself, cannot promise you that each request will surely be favorable even if I will do whatever I can to help you. I am still, only human after all. There are situations which I know can still be in our favor but I cannot make much guarantee there, unless I mentioned that I am very certain. However, when I feel we are on the edge, I will mention this to you.... and if I feel I really cannot have any success, I will also tell you (especially when we have done a divination on that) if you try to still force and request it anyway.... it will be up to you, ofcourse, I just will tell the client that this is what I see in the divination. I am not sure how successful we will be but I will try my best anyway thinking that we can still make it happen. However, please do consider things, still. More importantly, when we are doing a ritual, please do not do crazy things that makes the person hate you, etc. Even I cannot save you from that. 


Remember, asking for a spell work requires things to go in a "clean slate" as far as timing is concerned. No matter how much or how long you have waited in the past, you have to give this a fair chance and start over again. Within 3 to 6 months and if you don't get any kind of "tiny" results at all... (taking into consideration you or I have done all that we can to get the job done), that is the moment where you should start thinking that maybe there has been no result at all and maybe, life is asking you to take an alternative route. In most cases, rituals takes about 1 year to manifest... some rituals even need to take more than that. Some people will take even more than a year to see results, too! We cannot have a solid timing to everything, really... this is just how the situation goes.

A lot of rituals I do usually have 80 to 90% success rate. Unfortunately, even if you spend so much money on a ritual or spell work, there is no such thing as 100% success rate. Please steer clear of those who claims that they do, it isn't possible. That is reality. No rituals guarantees anything or everything! Doing a ritual or asking for a ritual is a risk in itself, which is why sometimes.... it might even be better you know how to do them yourself rather than using a huge bunch of money to get someone to do for you, though ofcourse.... the experience is not something you can gain immediately. 

Sometimes, when we do rituals, another person may come to our life. If you enjoy that and are open to do, do not be afraid to go along with it. A lot of times, life will guide you to the proper person for you even when you are asking for someone else. Maybe the person you asked for is not for you... but it doesn't always mean that, "that" new person is the one either. Sometimes, there are things that needs to happen for you to get to the goal you are seeking and it may just be part of the process. It does not mean you should stop everything you are doing for the ritual... that has to continue on. Never stop in the middle of things. 

There are cases where there could be some adverse effects from the person you are wanting to be with.... maybe they are distant or angry or picking a fight with you. I never encountered this situation yet to any of my clients, but there are cases where it may happen. It depends on the situation and ritual you have done and requested. Though usually it is highly likely they are feeling the spell work and is having some troubles dealing with it. A lot of times, spell works brings out things to people whether they want to admit it or not. It causes the person to deal with emotions that they have buried and do not want to admit themselves to. They get cranky and pull away, especially when domination and controlling rituals are involved (which is why I do not always recommend it). We try to encourage them to make major changes in their lives and this leads to emotional turmoil, obviously. (ofcourse, please know what kind of ritual you are asking too as it highly depends on that, as well.)


This can make it seem things are getting worse but it usually is a temporary change and goes away over time. But know that sometimes, this needs to occur, it needs to get done. If no change are made then know that your relationship is doomed and will repeat bad behaviors all over again. Ofcourse, I cannot speak for other rootworkers in the matter, but at the very this is is the situation for my own cases and workings. Many times, this is also just them showing you their true colors and you may need to think about it if they are still the person you should still be going for... it may be hard to accept at first, but it's better to know it now rather than later. So far, I have never encountered a situation like this, but I find that many times, this can manifest in controlling works and the other person fights over it. Also a possibility is that the connection between you two may not be that strong as you think or maybe the "real essence of love" may not be present than you think. 

HAVE AN INITIAL CONTACT: A lot of times, people forget that the fastest way to get results is that when you don't have contact to your person, you do need to make contact with them. In any way shape or form that allows them to think that you are open to them. Do not be those type of people where, you refuse due to past issues or never reply when they reach out to you. If you do not want to talk, at least see them and give a smile. Allow the energy connection to take place so that the rituals happens smoothly. Ofcourse, you can always skip this.... but please do expect that it is not easy to achieve and get results so fast when you refuse. Sometimes, if that person feels you will not be open, they may feel various emotions but will not act upon it and that is not the fault of the ritual any longer. 


Ways to enhance rituals or work done for your situation: There is no quick fix to any situation, however usage of oils, incense, mojo, charms, ritual kits, spiritual bathing, doll work, and other things are used to improve and enhance the situation. Not really required and not necessary, but it add speed to get it done. You can use your intuition for that matter. Always remember, spiritual baths are very important, cleansing is always important to clear any problems and issues first and foremost. 

When it comes to Money, Wealth, Luck and Career kinds of rituals: these are the easiest ones to get it done unless you are crossed and jinx, then you may not always see results. You need to fix that one up first before you do attraction work on those cases. Always be open to the possibilities. Leave yourself open and allow the manifestation to take place. I always recommend people to at least do rituals like these every 3 or 6 months. You will see better results with that.

When it comes to break-up rituals, justified workings, separation, crossing, and any of those type of works. Always know that no other innocent party gets caught up, patience is needed. Please ensure you are justified in your work... because even if it is me or another worker who does the job, this will still go back to you if it is not justified, this is the reason that these kinds of working are my priciest ones and ones I rarely do. Just because a client says it's justified does not always mean they truly are anyway. In most cases, either I rarely do them or I don't ever do them. Sometimes, I will just offer clients a kit so they can do it themselves. Again, I cannot stress enough... these workings do take time, unless maybe... you have done a more drastic measure of dark workings, it may act faster but it does take time and proper measure. Again, we are dealing with "humans spirits" here. Please do not think this is a genie in a bottle kind of thing. That is unrealistic.

For cleansing work, uncrossing and such: These are the most fast acting ones and always gives the best results. Don't forget to do spiritual bathing, too! 

Last but not the least... do your own prayer and petitions, too. People think that if you ask someone to do the work for you you do not have to do anything else. That is not true.. You need to do your own prayers and wishes to your goal as well. First of all, you are helping the ritual that was done for you and you are adding power to the ritual as well. Nothing is more powerful booster than your own prayers, after all. Do not forget that. And another important factor is, do not get fixated on things. Learn to accept, let go and trust the whole process. Allow life to happen, too!

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