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Van Van Oil

Van Van Oil is a very ancient and traditional spiritual oil recipe that have always been known as the "secret" magick ingredient for many purposes. It is a multipurpose oil used for uncrossing, clearing, drawing in love, success and just about anything you want and desire! It can be used for consecration, act as an annointing oil or as a blessing or holy oil. This is a very well-known formula in the New Orleans which have been focusedly charged, carefully curated and intensified to make it much more effective. By using this oil, it can clear away all kinds of negativity, it changes bad luck to good luck and it also acts as a road opener for new opportunities to come by whenever you want and need it!


It is a must have, if you do rituals and candle magick, it can give a magical boost in everything, even in various oil mixtures, too!

Van Van Oil

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