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Uncrossing Bath Salt  Crystals (200ML)

This is an Uncrossing Bath Salt Crystals to make it easy for those who cannot do the normal spiritual bath - it uses different kinds of "salt crystals" that have been prayed over, blessed and activated for it purpose. This uncrossing bath salt will give spiritual cleansing to remove crossed conditions - to rid of it, remove it. It is very purifying, healing, cleansing and can be one that can open path for you so that prosperity and luck can come in back to your life. This will easily dissolve in water as well - - so it is easier to clean and manage.

Some people really do not know how exactly tl use salt but wanted to have a salt bath anyway - - so if that is you, this one is probably made for you!

This mixture does have a strong formula to it that cleanse you and remove impurities and negative energies, but most importantly it can cure the damage that has been done by the "evil eye" that may have been cast on you and it can also be protective to keep you away from "evil eye" itself.

This uncrossing bath crystals is also not just made to be use in a bath but can also be use to purify rhe home by diluting it on a bottle of spray bottle and it can be used as a floor wash to unsure your home and space is also cleanse from wandering evil spirits and negative energies that may be stuck thare It can also be used for laundry spiritual rinse..

Uncrossing Bath Salt Crystals (200ML)

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