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Tea Leaf Reading Services

Tea Leaf Readings is one of the ancient methods of divination. It was very common for gypsy to work on them and at times has a form of ritual to do it. While most people can do their own tea leaf reading naturally, it does involved some energy work and vast knowledge to analyze and make predictions out of it. I highly encourage people to give it a try and look back and see how it works. 


When I feel lost and unable to even trust my own intuition, this is the reading I rely on...Do know that a traditional tea leaf reading is quite different and must not be treated like any other intuitive or psychic reading. Also, please do not expect "too complicated" answers from this kind of reading. This reading is meant to be simple to impart you details and information that you must know... and only you can "know" what these information might actually come to be later on. The informationa are key points to guide you to whatever direction to take or warn you so that you halt whatever danger that lurks... but it is not meant to give you consistent answers to everything. 


I only offer two kinds of tea leaf reading. One is for taking a look on your year ahead which allows us to see details and information to every month of the entire year. And another tea leaf reading I offer is completely connected to whatever concern you are having.... this is a tea leaf reading solely for that burning concern.  

Tea Leaf Reading Services

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