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Tame My Lover Oil - commitment, fidelity & peace

Tame My Lover Oil is known to fix and subdue certain nature and habits of our partners - particularly with men and their wandering eyes. This has an influence and compelling formula which that allows you to change someones mind without being forceful about it. It also gives peace and harmony in the relationship, especially when there are tensions and disruptions. This formula is also highly emphasized towards the fidelity of the person, making them more faithful and loyal - - staying committed to you and keeping the peace and harmony in the relationship.

This ia highly recommended for situations if you are living in with your parter or if you are married (you will probably get the most benefit and most vivid results). Though, this can also work for others, as well. It is good to use this on your target's photographs, use in candle magick, using it in a diffuser at home, you may also anoint your partner's item and anoint to bed frames and mattresses, anoint a few to shampoo or other personal items that you know your person will be able to touch - use it with intention. This oil gives higher power to females and increases their influences towards men and this is what gives power that allows you to "tame" them and make them move in the way you want and desire - it won't make them a puppet, but an act of influence that allows them to do what you want without them really realizing that you are leading them to that path.

Tame My Lover Oil - commitment, fidelity & peace

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