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Talk to Me Oil (new formula) - measaages & communication

Talk To Me Oil (with a new formula that I created) - this oil purpose is to bring in communications, get offers, proposals and messages as a whole. It opens up the path, opportunities for messages to come in.

The main ingredient of this oil is Deers Tongue, which is mainly used for communications - - anything to do with talking, speaking and improvement of those situations. It can also be used for psychic connections, getting marriage proposals or drawing in someone and making them react positively towards you. Though, this oil is also combined with various herbs that brings communication, wish granting, psychic connection and element of "memory" is enforced as well. This combination is good to open things up and get the communication you want and need with someone whom you may not be talking to anymore or maybe someone you need to talk and convince or if you want to get answers of the truth (or when you use a Truth Spell or Ritual). It can be helpful in various situation where improvement in communication may be necessary.

This oil also has been herbal infused before processing and have included Fast Luck, Mercury Oil and VanVan in this blend. Though if you do want to do your own ritual you can also use it with rhose 3 oils if you like and some Clarity Oil as it pairs up with that oil in particular more perfectly (and maybe crucible of courage if they are too passive and fearful to take action).

Talk to Me Oil (new formula) - measaages & communication

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