Talk to Me and Reconcile Oil - calm him down and talk to each other again! 


Talk to Me and Reconcile Oil is used to open the lines of communication (from ancient hoodoo practice and herbal magic studies). This has been made with real herbs and essential oils that promotes the energy of mercury themes such as communication, movement and interaction between you and another person. You can use this oil to attract someone to talk to you again, especially if you haven't heard from them for quite awhile... it is also useful when you had an argument or fight with someone, as it also have forgiving properties that allows someone to lower their guard and calm down to so they will more open to you. 


This product contains herbs, essential oils and fragrances such as Lavender and Vanilla to help draw sweeten things and draw communication to you. This has already been charged, and each ingredient has been consecrated and blessed for its intended use. 


This can be used to be anointed on wishing candles, pe