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Solar Return Chart Reading

*** You will receive a pre-recorded video file that usually lasts from 45 minutes to an hour - it really depends... this usually will answer the entire focus and themes of your solar return chart, including any concerns and questions you may have.


Solar Chart Reading (also called a Solar Return Chart Reading) is an ancient predictive astrology reading that allows one to know how their upcoming year is going to turn out, what might occur within that said time frame and other influences, major themes that can be triggered within that solar year or with the upcoming one. It is a tried and tested way of doing predictions with astrology and the themes and energy always plays out - sometimes, whether we like it or not. Thus, it is one of the most highly recommended reading for people to take, especially those who are concerned with how their year is going to play out.


The only important rule to this is the fact that you would need to give your exact birth details, so we can gather an accurate chart for your solar return. Each astrologers may make various predictions on solar chart readings, but the houses and what activates in your solar chart will never change - it will definitely happen and get activated regardless whether it is self-initiated or not. Some people may gloss over solar return charts, but I personally wouldn't - it's something I usually take more seriously more than any other charts as it will affect a person's life throughout the year - for sure!

If you’re interested on what themes will influence your year after your birthday, which becomes your next solar year, this is the perfect reading for you as it will also help you prepare your head ahead! Remember, to be forewarned is forearm!


Additional Details Needed for this Reading: Time & Date of Birth, Location of Birth, Current Location.


This can also be done in a written format email reading, upon request. However, it is crucial that you get your time of birth correctly, or it might not be very accurate.


If you would need a live chat session reading, you may need to request this for scheduling, if possible. There are times where it may not be possible due to other appointments and time differences, but Krissy does her best when it is possible. Thank you for all the patience and understanding regarding the reading deliveries.

Solar Return Chart Reading

  • No refund policy, especially when the reading has already been sent to you. Due to the digital nature of the service, we cannot offer such thing. Please understand, thank you.

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