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Should I Date Him/Her?

In this type of reading, we take a look or a brief overview on what kind of person you are about to engage and date with and how this connection is going to manifest and connect to each other. It's very close to how a compatibility will work but it's not very detailed  and you have no need to know their time of birth. However, you do need to know their birthday or at least, you need to remember the exact time you "met" this person for us to take a look on the situation.


If you do have the exact birthday even without time or with time is all good. In this manner, we get to take a peek on what kind of person they are and what kind of relationship they may build and a peek how they do relationship and how this can work for you. Sometimes, we just don't have the time to spend so long in a relationship, only for things to get torn apart.


This is one of the most popular thing for my repeat clients, especially those who do online dating. They like to check on the person and see what kind they are and if it's worth it or just a waste of time. 


You will receive either a consultation via chat on messenger or a recorded file or voice record on this reading regarding your concern.

Should I Date Him/Her?

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