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Road Opening Loaded Candle
This is a loaded candle infused and has been anointed with a Abre Camino Oil & Open Roads / Road Opening Oil & Van Van Oil. It has also been loaded by Abre Camino Herbs which is a rare herb and a herb that literally means - - open roads and is a crucial ingredient for road opening works. 

This has already been pre-prepared for your own use, all you really need to do is to set a period of time to light this candle and work your road opening ritual. A mini-instruction will also be provided upon purchase if you are unsure how to use it, you may follow the guided instructions. :) 

Best days for working on open roads are during Thursdays & Sundays. Can be used to open the roads and paths in general for luck, success, career, money or even in matters of love. 

Road Opening Loaded Candle