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Return To Me Oil

Return to Me Oil - basically does what it says it does... it brings back that person back to you. This oil is specifically going to bring a person that used to be in your life and that has made a deep mark to you...  it can be an old lover or an old friend or maybe, an old client, too - - though this is specifically made to really heal a damaged relationship and make some who isn't looking at you to notice and look your way again.


It has been infused and has 13 powerful ingredients and some of the ingredients are even well-known in the Bible such as Hyssop, Balm of Giliead and Spikenard. However, this isn't just about healing wounds, this is giving pathways to actually open a path for a person to come back in your life.... Please use this with caution and make sure you know who you want to bring back to your life with good-will. Like they say.... be careful for what you wish for.


Having a chance for a do-over tends to be easy, to keep the person... is another story. We recommend to have different oils for that, such of Chuparrossa Oil or maybe Stay with Me Oil to keep that person with you, along with some sweetening work or sweet jars. Feel free to let us know if you get confused. This is different from the Straying Lover Return Oil - - so a Return To Me Oil is a bit more forceful and powerful one that goes beyond just simple attracting a person back. It has elements that changes the mind of that other person.


We ofcourse, remind people... that it aids to push away stubborn situation to bring in the desired result. We do not promise a guarantee - - as each person and circumstances is different. The more complicated the situation you, the more complex things can become... however, if you want to take a leap of faih into things... this might just do the trick for you!


Instructions how to use will be provided for upon purchase. With this oil, it can be used for different people and different circumstances - making it multipurpose, etc. Best used in ritual work, too!

Return To Me Oil

₱1,750.00 Regular Price
₱1,490.00Sale Price
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