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Protection from Harm & Magick Charm

Protection from Harm, Hex and Black Magick Charm Bottle. 


This is a limited stock charm that was made on a special rare occasion due to the New Moon energy of Scorpio on November 2021. Highly protective and has properties to deflect, negate, defend and battle dark arts or attacks that is sent to you. It is also a very helpful and useful charm to protect you from people that are troublesome. Since I have used various herbs that are quite strong and potent on this charm, it works tremendously well in terms of spiritual protection to keep you and your family safe.


Upon receiving the item, make a wish upon it... you may carry this personally and hold it from time to time. You can place it your bedside table or even below your pillow, especially when you get nightmares,  to protect you while you are most vulnerable when sleeping. You can also place this in door knobs, inside the car, inside various rooms, etc.


I only made 10pcs of this charm - and won't be restocked until there is another good date. Plus, the ingredients are very rare so I can't have this available everytime. Thank you for understanding and trusting, as always. 


You can purchase this for yourself, for the home, family or gift for your friends and loved ones. Blessed Be!

Protection from Harm & Magick Charm

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