Protection from COVID Mojo Bag


is a Gris Gris Bag, also known as Mojo Bag specifically made for COVID Protection. I have made an original blend of various herbs that has been blessed, charged and activated for its specific intent, including a sigil that I have made at a trance state. 


This has already been used by two people who have covid - and were able to heal themselves from it! One was able to recover faster as she got her mojo bag early. One was able to overcome a very dangerous state of COVID, with some booster of oils and ritual work. Either way, I can guarantee this will help you and your loved ones.


In this time and age, it's better to be safe than sorry, right? While I do make this mojo bag with my whole heart, I cannot promise the same effect will be the same for everyone. However, I do know this can help you and protect you from any form of COVID viruses and harm. 


You can also add a ritual work service for COVID if you want to ask for prayer work for you or anyone who might be undergoing some difficulty or COVID issue...

Protection from COVID Mojo Bag