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Money & Good Luck Mist Spray

Money and Good Luck Mist Spray contains a herbal infusion of money grabbing ingredients that can really reel in money and it also includes true essential oils for money, good luck and prosperity overall! It alao includes some ingredients that improves your existing finances, helps in game of chance (lottery or gambling) and just aids on keeping the flow of money in your life!

You can spray your wallet, your money, money altar, candles you are able to use for wealth and prosperity rituals (before anointing them with oils but if you do not have oils, just this spray alone can empower that candle as well). You can spray documents your pen you use, gadgets, bank statements or even checks and debts, bank book savings, etc.

I personally would go for spraying your hands as an act of being able to receive money. You can also spray it in your store (if you own a business) - - to ensure money comes in, grows, and have the luck and means to generate more! Bring success, abundance, prosperity in your life!

Money & Good Luck Mist Spray

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