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Magick Rituals & Conjure Class by Krissy

This Magick Rituals & Conjure Class has been highly, highly requested! This class is meant for beginners to advanced and it will be all about you need to know to get started and enhance your magickal and spiritual journey. 


(This class will officially be up on the 1st Week of February 2022!)


I will teach you how I do things, how I do my rituals, all you need to know to have a more understanding of magick and conjure. We'll touch on basics and foundation and things that people don't really talk about but need to be addressed when it comes to spirituality, magick and working with the occult in general. I will tell you things that I have learned and found out through my practice from various mentors that I have come acrossed as well. 


Trust me, it's one you will want to join and enroll with. This class is more than just candle magick (we'll talk about that as well) but, it will be a compact of a whole lot of things and surely, no matter how much you already know - - there will be something to learn.


A lot of "tried and tested" recipes and information will be given, too!


We'll touch on the following themes and information on this class:

  • Introduction to Magick (things to know, foundation and essentials, expectations for the class and other things to know before we get started, etc.)
  • What Magick & Conjure really is about and the Effects of working with Magick and Rituals
  • Preparation to Get things Started
  • Different Ways to Creating Magick
  • Cleansing Work, Protection, Spiritual Baths (including rituals and things to do)
  • Basics & Foundation in Candle Magick
  • Uses of the Bible & Working with Saints
  • Writing a Petition (different ways and how to write a correct one)
  • Condition Oils, Conjure Oils and Powders - their importance in Magick
  • Controlling Works (what you need to know)
  • Container & Jar Works (how they function)
  • Basics on Doll Magick
  • Love Magick (we'll talk on these themes)
  • Money Magick  (we'll talk on these themes)
  • Healing Magick  (we'll talk on these themes)
  • Protection Magick  (we'll talk on these themes)
  • Negative Work Magick  (we'll talk on these themes)
  • Basics on Herbalism, Talismans & Amulets
  • Divinations & Astrology (relation to Magick)
  • Results & Conclusions

Magick Rituals & Conjure Class by Krissy

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