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Magick Reiki for Love & Relationships

Magick Reiki is an application of reiki that enables certain manifestation to occur in a person's life. This is a hugely advanced technique that enables and boosts the manifestation being requested as well - - this is a kind of service that goes beyond energy work and healing.


This Magick Reiki for Love and Relationships - - is for attunement and alignment of the energies between two people. It improves their relationship and opens path and blockages that may be causing issues at present, at the same time - it opens potential possibilities that promotes growth and goodness to envelope their relationship. 


For example of other client's request varies from the following:

- Improvement of Sex Lives

- Improvement of Relationship 

- Resolving Communication

- Promoting to focus on aligning their Heart Chakras


You can choose what request you need. However, this work is recommended if you have a mutual understanding with someone, if you are dating someone and there is already an existing connection (meaning, they know you and there is a form of attraction between the two of you already or something of similar have occured in the past), exclusively dating or marriage. This can also be used for relationship issues that seems has its ups and downs as sometimes it can be used to remove blockage, so union can occur. 


Usually, the manifestation of this work occurs from 1 month to few months after the session. It includes, distant healing of the couple + the magick reiki manifestation requested.