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Lucky #11 Oil

Lucky 11 - Wealthy Way Oil is a my very own personal blend of highly sought wealth herbs, along with crystals and stones infused. There are pyrites, citrine and aventurine inside of this oil along with 11 magical herbs that gives wealth, luck and abundance. This is really good to use for gaming / winning games as well and opening the road for abundance and financial goodness to come to your life. This can also be a good oil to use for you to have more gratitude and see things differently especially when you are struggling in life. 


This can be used in money working ritual in your candles, can be anointed to bills, coins, doors, windows and cashier area / cash boxes, etc. It may also be used to before you do any meditation and manifestation work and have it be anointed to your forehead to help you see clear on what you want and where you want your finances to go and claim that energy to your physical reality. You can also use this for road opening candles or any orange, green or yellow candles depending on the desire you want to manifest and claim to your life. You may anoint this to yourself before a big game or tournament in case you play games and need to win and ace it! Open that path to win things as with this oil - - you are sure to have massive luck on your side!

Lucky #11 Oil

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