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Love & Attraction Conjure Spray Mist

Love & Attraction Conjure Spray Mist is created with a formula and blend with the purpose of drawing in the energy of love, attraction, sex, reconciliation, and passion. This is a good addition to use to empower your ritual work and everyday life as it can do things that spiritual oils and sachet powders can't do. Plus, it's easy to use and can be used at any time you wish for!

Use with intention, it can be use to spray your area, home, bedroom, clothing, love letters, gifts, paper petitions or manifestations, photos and even to be used on candles for ritual for added power and blessing to its intent. You can use it to yourself as you send intention for attraction if you wish - - you can also spray on your undies for sexual attraction and in your bedroom for added intimacy and romance. You may use it before meeting someone you like to date or a lover - - give yourself that added charm to make yourself more desirable to others. It can also be used if you need an added boost of love, just because you want to feel good and attractive overall. The sky is the limit on its usage. I used a lot of wonderful herbs and blends for this, so it was created with so much love, too!

Love & Attraction Conjure Spray Mist

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