This is not a full blown synastry reading, but more of taking a look on the biggest themes and issues that can put a big influence in your relationship with another person. We do take a look on the details of the good, bad and ugly side of this relationship. We do not talk about what might be the ending of this relationship, but just more on the compatibility of it.


There are many benefits in taking a look on compatibility, as you easily can see and figure out how you and another person will mesh well together or are you both the type that will end up clashing no matter what you do? Is there any deception going on? What is the real deal and is there even a way to salvage this relationship? Sometimes, looking into the compatibility is not a mere issue of looking how two people can be when together or when engaging with each other... but by knowing how the other person is, understanding them... if one will try to adjust and have awareness on the full picture of things, it can definitely save a relationship.


For many people, it is a life saver as it can save them years of time wasting... especially when whatever they do, it will fall apart. Knowing the issues can be helpful and knowing if its worth all the trouble can be your biggest saving grace, too!


Note: This is not exclusive for lovers and intimate partners alone, it can be very well used for friendships, business partners and associates.

Relationship Compatibility