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Do you feel someone is doing magick spells on you? Or maybe... you may have encountered some crossed conditions, jinx, curses, and hexes which you may or may not be aware of?


THIS IS THE PERFECT OIL FOR YOU! This is a very powerful one and is sure to kill off whatever ailment of jinx, curse or hexes and spells that may have been put on you. It has a very powerful ingredient mixture of powerful herbs that are known for breaking spells and hexes! It even has ingredients that clears away evil in itself, along with negative and evil spirits that may have attached itself to you. Sometimes, if a sickness or disease you have is caused by some spiritual activity or attack, this oil can even help cure it! It's a total must have oil especially for your own spiritual defence and protection, too! 


Just so you know, this has some Rue, Poke Root, Devil Shoestrings and Agrimony along with various jinx-killing and hex and spell breaking ingredients, too! If you feel you are having a streak of bad luck, you might need to have the need to use this oil... if it came from someone, it can also be targetted to have the ailment be reflected to the one who sent it!  


There are various ways to use this oil...  you can use it on a bath as you put your intention in breaking off any form of crossed conditions lingering in your aura and have it remove as you recite a prayer of Psalm 91 and Psalm 101. You may choose your own personal prayer and just put intention on it if you wish to do so, that will work just fine, too. 


You may anoint various parts of your body, especially the heel of your feet, hands, forehead and top / crown of your head. You may also anoint your chest or heart area and anoint it in counter-clockwise manner as you remove and reverse the condition. You may end it by anointing that area in a cross as well - - to symbolically put an end and give you protection from that jinx, hex or curse / crossed conditions. 


If you have dieties and saint figures, this can be anointed to those as well to give power to that talisman / dieity figure to block off any form of jinx and curses from entering a space, etc. This can also be used in a magick ritual which you can perform yourself if you wish to do so. Just use a black candle and crave in your name in the candle and write remove evil, remove jinx, remove crossed conditions away from me. Anoint the candle with your oil, burn the candle and make a personal prayer - - then discard the remains at a crossroad or simply discard it by putting it to trash if you wish to do so. 




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