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Intuitive Reading

Krissy's Intuitive Reading is mainly the basic reading session that she offers for clients to be able to get the full picture of their situation. It always includes looking into the present situation on what may have been going on and surrounding energies there in, how the other person feel or think and what not, including where things may lead up to this point. Along with advice on the situation if needed. 


Usually clients are able to ask a few more questions for more claritication on their matters, but usually this package reading is able to do the job and have them satisfied to know what they needed to know. 


Usually, this kind of reading should take too long as is within 15 minutes or so. The reason Krissy does not want to put too much "time restriction" to the reading is to not make the client feel so rushed in the session, but you may compare it to a similar 15 minute reading if you wish.


Also, this is called an intuitive reading for a reason. Krissy not only uses various tools and medium for the reading, but she also connects empathically and in spiritual manner - not merely just reading the cards as it is, but uses a psychic ability in combination to it. Do know that Krissy also uses various tools during the session of the reading and does not use one set of cards as well. So a lot is going on a simple reading than what most people think.

Intuitive Reading

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