This is a very powerful mojo bag, filled with a bag of blessing and power to it. Plus, you also get a high john conqueror root which will give more power and success to the situation and to any desires you want!


This bag will be made especially for the purpose of HUGE MONEY, WEALTH, ABUNDANCE, WINNINGS AND GAMBLES! It will be especially made for you. The root itself will be taken care of... and anointed with a prayer before the entire ritual of the working is to be done to ensure it brings power and success your way. When it comes to mojo bags, it's highly essential you don't just leave it alone... talking to it and treating it as if it's like a person or a genie is needed. You need to be with it, stay with it, allow their energy to come forth to you. You also feed this, from time to time to ensure it gets charged up and have the power it needs to always work for you and your desires!