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Fast Luck Oil



Fast Luck Oil is a traditional New Orleans back in 1930s hoodoo recipe oil which is known to bring immediate results of lucky outcomes and encounters in love, money and gambling sessions. It is also used to empower one's ability to attract and manifest one's heart's desires into fruition - - in quick and fast results! 


Our Fast Luck Oil includes Cinnamon, Vanilla Beans / Tonka, Juniper Berries, Hibiscus and a lot more of success and good fortune herbs supporting its intent. All herbs, oils have been blessed, cleansed, prayed over and activated with its intended use. 


Wear a little oil wherever you go, drop your bath, or put some on your wallet, phone, front door or you can even anoint your favorite jewelry, too. Put some drops on your hands and pulse areas - especially when you are about to meet new people, handle certain events or important documents. With this oil, it will bring a boost of luck to come your way, fortunate events and circumstances, along with good and desirable outcomes in your life!


You can also use this oil in candle workings, prayers and rituals as an addition for an added boost of success and victory of manifestation and getting better results / success in your requests. It is strongly advisable to use a candle that goes in line to what you are asking - green for money and finances, pink for love and romance and gold for success & good fortune. Anoint your candles and pull it up towards the top while making sure you are visualizing and focusing on what you want to bring into reality. Include Psalm 4 in your prayer working to put an element of quick luck and materialization of your wishes to your rituals! .


Please be reminded that this item is being sold only as a curio and results will not always be guaranteed for everyone. Some will have fast and quick results but it won't be applicable to all, we recommend using it continuously for 30 days to make a judgement if it works for you or not. Also, please do a skin patch test first - this oil contains cinnamon bark which may irritate the skin when used in sensitive areas. Please pray over and visualize before using and upon using for best results. Feel free to contact us for any assistance and inquiries - handmade with tender loving care and charged in a prayed over ritual.

Fast Luck Oil

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