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Fame and Fortune Oil



Fame and Fortune Oil has been popularly known  and historically associated with luck, success, wealth, good fortune, fame and beauty. If you are in need to get the spotlight, wanting some attention to come your way whether it's for your career, business or dating life, this will do the trick and will guarantee it puts you on the public eye to elevate your reputation and bring positive attention to your and endeavors you do with powerful and positive attraction & energy combined! 


The Fame and Fortune Oil can be used for many things such as the following:

- Attract positive attention to you and projects

- Brings success in situations to win from competitors

- Draws in positive comments, messages & reviews

- Entice people to come to you / lovers / clients

- Helps build a positive reputation

- Bring popularity in your business, brand & projects

- Attracts fans, followers & subscribers (if you are into youtube / or influencer!)

- Helps bring positive situations in dates, auditions, public speaking events! 

- This will help you boost your career & creative endeavors, too!


If you are a woman, a combination of Jezebel Oil will definitely help you gain more attention and even be easily connected to a wealthy man, too! I recommend that people use this with a Talk to Me Oil to get a huge boost in any venture that needs communication & engagement whether in love & especially, business!  This Fame and Fortune Oil includes Clove, Ginger, Deer's Tongue, Sunflower and a few more potent herbs and oils that support and give an element that brings all the intentions to come into reality!


This can be worn on the body or dropped into baths, anoint jewelry and personal items with it, along with important documents, or even vision boards that you want to manifest! Rub a bit on your hands and gently smooth over this with your hair and put some on your pulse points like neck, wrist or even with your legs and heel area! 


This can also be used in petitions, prayers, spells or rituals if you wish to do so. It is recommended to get a yellow or gold candle, carve it up and anoint the oil to the candle. Read Psalms 23 verse from the Bible then, pray and visualize your wishes for manifestation in achieving your goals. 


If you are wanting to gain more attention on the internet or get calls from people - dab this on a special cloth and wipe it to your phone (directly / no case) - feel it, visualize and call upon your wishes! You will definitely see results as fast as a day or two! However, we recommend that you use this for at least 30 days continuously to see the overall outcomes and effects it gives. 


This Fame & Fortune Oil is only being sold as a curio and results are not always guaranteed. Please do a skin test first before application. For external use only - blessed and activated in a prayer ritual.

Fame and Fortune Oil

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