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Extended Intuitive Reading

An Extended Intuitive Reading is  mostly of the same concept as the Intuitive Reading (please read the product description on that if you haven't), the only different thing about this is when a client needs more details or simply are curious to find out more details on various things whether it's for career, love or wanting to have various general reading in various areas of life, etc.


Usually to be compared with a 30 minute reading, though again, Krissy does not really "time retrict" her readings, however, in most cases, clients ends up in this section when they have ask more than a few various topics and concern or when they have asked more than 5 or 10 questions mostly. In such case they ended up exceeding that, clients are charged another session of same price, though it is usually not needed, it's just that some clients just end up curious in finding out more information which is normal, but this session should already tell you a lot of what you need to know and there is really no reason to extend much unless you have a crazy complicated and complex situation which will require a lot - - which tends to happen with some of her returning clients, though some of them are just purely curious and are aware of these additional charges. 

Extended Intuitive Reading

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