Court Case Oil of Justice are made with various herbs that are good for legal issues and literally, court case situations. This can be used to help you get the winning side of the situation and get things in your favor. Maybe you need the grace of a mediator to be good and nice to you, for them to favor you more... then this is the oil good for you.


There are various ways to make use of this oil. You may annoint your papers and pen with this oil, or use it whenever you are about to go and meet your lawyer or any people relating to your case, even when talking to people involved as well, especially when you want some form of settlement. You may also bring this oil with you and hold it as a charm, if you wish to do so... but it is more powerful when the oil itself is being used. 


You can also do a quick candle magick by lighting up a brown candle, or purple or white as you plead to have the case in your favor if you wish to do so. Another good thing to work with this oil is to annoint it with your hands and then use that hand to shake the hands of the judge, jury or any mediator you want to favor you with your lawsuit or case. 



Court Case Oil of Justice