Sweet Jars are versatile  and multi-purpose, which means, it can be used in many things for various reasons. Maybe you want to fix a relationship whether with a friend or a lover or a family member. Maybe you are bullied or you are concern with personal relationships and you want people to be nice and sweet to you - - this is a perfect one. 


However, since this is a Community Sweet Jar, it also means it will include various request of other people, not focused on you - hence, it's cheaper. Meaning, you are not going to receive an actual product but the work will be done every New Moon to Full Moon as a 30 day cycle. Sweet Jars are not meant to be stayed in the closet, they are meant to be worked with... so in this version, I will personally be working on the jar for 30 days every specific days a week to make sure it's prayed for, etc and ensure the work and job gets done for you and your request gets fulfilled.


If needed, you can always request on the next month, as well. So the request continues on and on... all you need is to trust that the manifestation occurs in the right timing and believe! Plus, the difference also is that my new batch of sweet jars are made with high grade pure ingredients  - - this is not just a mere honey jar thing so don't confuse them, honey jars are very slow and I don't find them sweet at all, so I never use them! Sweet Jars are meant to be REALLY SWEET and thus, SWEETNESS WILL REALLY COME TO YOU!

Community Sweet Jar (30 Days)