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Communication Charm (MAKE THEM TALK!)

This is a traditional communication charm to make a specific person talk and communicate with you. (It has been highly requested by many so I am posting this here now) - this is good for those situations where in you are in a long distance relationship or in situations where in you haven't been in touch with a particular person in your life and you would like to have them talk to you again.


Just a heads up that this isn't a guaranteed proof that they will talk to you or a communication will occur but it's still definitely a type of communication work that will nudge them to think of you and would want to open their mouth and talk to you. It does opens the path to make it happen and it is good for messages to come freely and break some barriers that blocks things out. 


This does not create any form of coercive techniques so in case you have used it for so long and no result comes from it, we do recommend you get a reading for your situation first or, do a cleansing cut and clear or a ritual to open blockages in communication with this specific person you have in mind. We can also refer you to do a more coercive technique with the use of doll and skull work to influence a person to talk if you still want to push through. 


Do know that this will make someone talk but it doesn't mean they will make various confessions or say something good - it could be something random at times. However the idea here is that they will connect with you and it should be used as a stepping stone to further your connection and communication with them. It can also be used in conjunction with your other workings and this will make it more powerful. 


Note: A tobacco will be delivered to you as you will need to smoke out this charm (it needs to be this specific one) so if you can't use it by some other means please purchase the charm in your own risk as you do need to use it and follow the instructions to get it to work as efficiently as possible).


Thank You!

Communication Charm (MAKE THEM TALK!)

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