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Clarity Oil

This is one of those oils that is so powerful but people tend to ignore, forget and disregard. Clarity Oil - just like how we call it, gives insight and clarity to the situation... this is best when you are lost and confused. When you don't know what to do anymore, or when you want to ask Gods, the Divine or any Deities for help... give open the right path for you to take, etc. It removes confusion and a sense of unknowingness. It helps people who are deluded to see things clearly. It is not just about being able to think about things, but also being able to speak, have great wisdom and open roads. It also has elements where we can find answers through psychic means...


If you are into candle magick, it is essential to use clarity oil for yourself or with one you are working with, especially if you want your magick to be effectively done. You or they need to open their eyes and understand things first before all those manifestation can enter in. 

Clarity Oil

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