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BreakUp Oil - breaking things up, etc

Break Up Oil is commonly used in "rituals" or various tricks to breaking up couples, causing problems in relations, etc.

This recipe has a traditional foundation along with my own recipe for it. Please do know we don't recommend this to be use by everyone for their own schemes but we make this available for people to be use for their own rights (especially those who are in marriages but someone wants to steal their partner, etc) We thoroughly believe each one should have their own rights. Kindly use this only when you are sure you want to make use of it.

Instruction for use will be provided upon purchase, this is not made to be use for yourself - best to be use only for jar works or for break up rituals. It can pretty much mess up your own head when use on yourself... - also, this oil is best used in conjunction to Separation Oil.

BreakUp Oil - breaking things up, etc

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