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Bible Divination - Bibliomancy

Bibliomancy is the art of divination with the use of the Bible. This is one of the hardest readings one can do, in my personal opinion. Simply because, just because a verse you get is positive does not mean it is saying yes - - it doesn't mean it is something that benefits you. A lot of analysis and deciphering happens in Bibliomancy more than one would think and it takes a lot of energy just to even get to your message as it is not as easy as just flipping a page. Yet, it is my most favorite one, and one that I would always love to do for other people and enjoy doing as well. It is very interesting and it always brings joy to me how the Bible can actually see through a reading of a client even when I do not know anything about their problem or concern at all (again, I have done this for others... in their ritual services analysis and even when I wasn't sure what I was saying, they will always tell me exactly how it was and how I have seen and deciphered was what is going on). 


There were also many times that when I felt uncertain to rely on my own readings which happens in odd cases and peculiar clients, I would use this... and I would get similar answers but different verses... but all saying the same thing - - ends up being true, (prediction-wise). 


For this Bibliomancy reading. You can ask your question and concern... your first name will be required for me to do this for you so I can tune in and connect to your energy. The answer will be revealed via e-mail you have placed on the website. 


Since this is with the use of the Bible. I would prefer that you only ask ONE TIME - - explaining your situation and letting me know what you seek of... again, this is a sacred type of reading and not to be treated with not so important matters. It is highly for situations where you want to know things, maybe due to major concern or due to emergency - an urge of seriousness and pressing need for an answer kind of thing, not for curiosity and fun.

Bible Divination - Bibliomancy

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