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Banishing Ritual - removing negative influences

There are various types of Banishing Rituals available and can be done... this banishing one is more of removing negative enegies and influences that may be surrounding your situation. Sometimes, aside from cleansing and protection... banishment is an important part of the process, too. Banishment is a removal of sort - - it is not mere cleansing as there are just things that cannot be remove by cleansing alone, thus - - banishment becomes an important work that plays a huge role in various situations.


Things we can work on for this banishment ritual:

- removing bad habits

- negative thoughts

- negative energy and bad influences surrounding a relationship / person or situation

- basic jinx or crossed conditions removal (we call it basic since its a lighter version of it, we still recommend that you get an uncrossing bath or uncrossing ritual for a stronger effect of those issues)


After the ritual, it is highly suggested to observe your situation on the effects of it. Sometimes, you may need to "re-do" the ritual as not everything can be removed in just one ritual alone. Some issues are stubborn and some issues needs more push than others, though this does get the job done, your best insight on its effectiveness is when you actually can see and observe the change it makes and creates in your life and situation.


Note; While there are banishment rituals involving spirits and other entities, please know this is not for that situation. This is also not a banishment ritual to remove people out of your life (though, those kinds of banishment does exist, too. It is just that this ritual is ot for that as I do not offer that service at this time. Not everyone has a good intention with banishing people, hence, I prefer not to do a service relating to negative work as much as possible).

Banishing Ritual - removing negative influences

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