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Astrology Transit Effects

In this reading, you will get an email or pdf file regarding concerns of how a certain transit will make a big impact to your life and your concerns regarding it.


For example: New Moon / Full Moon, Eclipses, Saturn Return, Venus Return, Mercury, Mars Return or Retrograde, etc. 


You may choose only one theme for one reading. You can also ask questions if there are any concerns regarding an issue and a free follow up question, included.  Ofcourse, needless to say, your own birth chart and birth details is necessary to get the most out of this kind of reading. Time of Birth, Birthday and Location of Birth needed. 




If you would like to know how a certain astrological transit is affecting you on a personal level, this is a reading to get. It may be a new moon / full moon astrology reading or it could be, how the eclipse is affecting you and how this will manifest, how a certain alignment could make or break things for you. This is a good way to not only have awareness of the energy of a certain astrological transit, but is also a good way to have awareness on what might occur / good or bad it may be and a way for you to know how you should navigate the energy and know how to remedy it or take advantage of the energy in place. 

Please note that one reading session is only for one specific alignment OR if you have issues or concern on why things are happening the way they are in your life, this is also a good reading to take - to understand and get astrological remedies.

Astrology Transit Effects