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Alligator's Feet

This is an authentic alligator claw / paw / feet that I got in New Orleans. Please do know that no harm of threatened has been done in the process of getting these. Also, they are real and not made of plastic or resin, but ihas already been fixed and processed so it can be used and carried by people, however upon holding in and observing it, you will mostly know what I mean when I say it's real.. keep that in mind. Thank You. 


Unless you are going to use this for multiple purposes or unless you are to buy it for another person, you really just need ONE - - so, it's definitely worth the buy and investment as I tried to research but I could have never found an authentic one locally.... so I had one that I know where all traditions came from and to ensure that no harm was caused in the process, too. 




Some people may be put off by it, but this is actually one of the most important animal of signifance when it comes to conjure as it can be used in a variety and powerful way. Every part of an alligator has its significance from its heat, claws teeth and feet. For example, it can be used for protection, or if you make it as a keychain - it can be used to put your keys in (maybe key to your cash or house/room - doesn't matter), it can draw in luck in that form and it is usually good for those who does gambling (plus if you do other practices with it as well). You can also put this in a mojo bag using a green bag, put it around your neck and it can make your money be kept safe and always close to you.


This can also be used to boost your fertility it you include Adam and Eve's Root as well - I do sell this in the shop, too a procedure will be sent to you if you purchase them both, just let me know - -  as part of my limited stocks section if you are interested. Simply by having this can be used to increase your luck in gambling in the same manner as a rabbit's foot and other lucky root / talisman / chamrs, etc. However, using an alligator's feet is really one of the most sought after especially if you are into traditional customs (like me). 


Overall, no conjure person would not be using such curio especially in any form of money working. Again, can also be used for protection but mainly, people always use it for luck. It depends how you will use it. 


It is the idea that they have claws with it and it would always have a "grasping" imagery with it which is very important in "drawing" and "getting" things in to your life especially in terms of good luck and money to come to you or winnings. 


I personally did a full blown money ritual for my partner when I was overseas and when I came back in PH, he actually updated me that something weird happened, he kept getting tips from clients when in normal cases he wouldn't. He even rejected it at some point but it kept going on and on - - until he finally asked me how to use that alligator thing and the money spray I gave him, lol! 


Upon ordering, you will get one piece of it in a packet and an instruction manual that will give you more information on its use, activation and how you can apply it in various purposes. 


PS. Please do know this is a limited stock. I know how important this item is so... I tried to collect as much as I could, however please do know that once it is noted as out of stock. I probably won't be restocking it - - unless I go overseas again (however, despite that its actually still expensive as there's still tax over there and export payments I had to deal with so I am unsure if I will get it again... and it will also depend on how much people still want to have it. This is the item I most want to get when I was overseas so as soon as I have it, I have personally don't need to get more of it, unless clients would request it. So, if you see this item available. Be sure to try to grab it! I highly recommend it! Also, I do have another batch coming up... these are just a few that I was able to put in my main luggage. I still have another batch (the last batch - - on May 2024). 

Alligator's Feet

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  • If you would like me to give it a charged up and blessing before you receive it, just let me know by giving your full name details or to whoever will be receiving it and I will do it for you as a special thing I'd like to do when I make my charms and talismans.  Though, it is not needed nor required as it all varies on how you use it. If you do not wish to do so as you may be using it for other reasons you can just skip the custom message section when you purchase. 

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