Pisces Monthly Horoscope – August 2020

August 2020 Monthly Horoscope

Welcome to your August 2020 Monthly Horoscope, Pisces!

A sudden surprise will occur – it might be upsetting or it could be a happy surprise, but this will definitely throw you off at first glance! It might also be that you may find it hard to settle down and sleep at night due to a lot of things going on in your mind and in your heart, Pisces!

You might need to have a talk with someone from overseas or someone that has been bugging in your mind and express your thoughts and feelings. Connection from the past are seen, it’s time to settle things and maybe, make amends.

If you are thinking of a past love, you might just decide to rekindle things with them. Your feelings and emotions are leaking out and you will want to act upon your feelings very strongly this month and it isn’t a bad thing… in fact, this is good as this might be just what you need right now. It might give you a blessing in disguise opportunity!

Active communication, cooperation are all in this month, Pisces! It’s time to release all those pent up feelings and energies, just remember that… you need to do your part in listening, too!

Check your dreams this month, Pisces! It might tell guide you and give big revelations to your life and love situation!

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