All Payments are done via Paypal, Gcash or BDO Bank Deposits - only. 

Astrology Reading Services:

HOW READINGS ARE DONE: All astrological readings are usually done via live chat session that was pre-scheduled based on Krissy & client's availability. It usually lasts from 1 hour & 45 mins (less or more) depending on the service being offered. You may choose to have this pre-recorded if you don't have the time to do a live chat session as well. Kindly take time to read the descriptions of the service before making a purchase or ordering. Take note, you need to pay for the service before scheduling a meeting with Krissy. 

Zodiac Chart

Natal Chart

Your character's blueprint, psychological portrait and capabilities as shown in the stars.

PRICE:  2,500.00 PHP

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Astronomical Clock

Solar Return

Know how the upcoming solar year will look like for you, what themes and influences activated.

Price: 2,000.00 PHP

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Astrology Answers

Need to get a specific questions answered? You can go for this one for your specific concerns.

Price: 700.00 PHP

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Astrology Map

Natal & Solar

Combo Reading of your Natal & Solar Chart Reading all in one package for more in-depth look


Price: 3,500.00 PHP

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Astonomical Clock

Love Compatibility

Know the good and bad of the relationship! Get details how to make it work and if it's worth it.

Price: 2,000.00 PHP

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Documentary Poster

Horary Chart

An ancient predictive technique that gets answers to a situation. Pretty good for lost items, too!

Price: 1,000.00 PHP

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Fixed Stars

What stars were you born in? Know all the constellations that are prominent in your chart!

Price: 2,500.00 PHP

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Minimal Office

Career Astrology

What's the best career for you or your child? You're money, the best path & vocation!

Price: 1,500.00 PHP

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Solar Eclipse

Past Life Astrology

Do you want to know what happened in the past? This is about your karma & lessons.

Price: 3,000.00 PHP

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This is a two option choice of whether choosing to know how the next 3 months is going to affect you by transits or having the option to get a reading how major transits will affect you specifically, so you'll have some awareness & be on guard, have precautions, especially, when eclipses occurs & hits you. 

PRICE: 2,000.00 PHP

Astrology Courses by Krissy:


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Astrology Foundational

Basic - Advanced Class

by Krissy


PRICE: 15,000.00

Intuitive Reading & Fortune Telling:

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: All readings are either done via email or live chat session through a messenger mobile platform for easy communication and access. Please do know that Krissy's readings are not fun and games, her clients all attest to this - the prices are there for a reason. The readings are genuine and predictions do occur in most cases, there is a reason why she is known for making predictions. If you only like to ask for psychological advice, just curious and what not, feel free to seek a different reader. Also, do know that she does not only use tarot in her readings, she uses a huge combination of divinatory methods, and she a lot of gifts that aids her to make solid predictions and this is the main reason why her accuracy rate is high. However, no promises are guaranteed once a reading begins... if the reading occurs or not. You tell us, this is the golden rule. People come back for readings for a reason and clients will be the one to decide if they want to seek you again. Krissy will never sales talk anybody to get a reading from her, it's her clients to goes to her without needing to market herself for it. Again, please be reminded that her readings are not psychological help but for divinatory purposes, which deals with predictions and fortune telling. If you are not open to this idea or not ready for it - please do not try to ask for a reading. Advise will be given and warnings will be mentioned if there are foreboding elements, however, at the end of the day - do know, you are the one who makes the final choice yourself. 


These readings are only for help and guidance to those who are really lost, but we also do not believe things should be done psychologically... as if this is the only solution, you could have gone to a psychiatrist instead, right? Not to a fortune teller.


Intuitive Reading

A session reading where we tackle your major concerns along with predictions, usually 30 mins.

Price: 1,500.00 PHP

Fortune Telling Cards

Extended Reading

When you want a deeper dive into the reading on complex issues - usually 1 hour+ long.

Price: 2,500.00 PHP


A Quick Reading

If you only have 1 to 2 questions and need a quick answer or prediction - this is for you!

Price: 500.00 PHP

Rootwork, Prayers & Rituals Services:

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: All workings are done with your request and your own consent. Krissy's workings "does not" conjure any spirits - nor she had any connection on such, so if you require such assistance, you may need to seek another practitioner. The workings that Krissy does are all coming from the power of herbalism and her connection to the divine and source. Most importantly, it is due to her own empathy in working for another person's cause with care and sincerity that elevates things. There is no guarantee in any workings, may it be with Krissy or another practitioner - so please do not be scammed nor conned thinking there is always going to be results. However, each working will produce results for sure, it's just not guaranteed how much it actually occurs and manifest for each one. Her methods practice safety and for what is best for the client, so not all request can be accepted. Please reach out to her first, before deciding to actually make a payment and order. Photos or video clips will be sent out to you for you to know it's being actually done on your behalf. Krissy also sell curios, charms, spiritual oils and jar workings - which you can buy at her Shopee Shop


Basic Rootwork 

A rootwork of your choice, whether a protection, money, & love working - choose one.

Price: 1,500.00 PHP

Beautiful Sunset

Road Opening

A bit of advanced work that will remove blockages and open the road for success for you.

Price: 2,500.00 PHP


Cord Cutting

Cut cords of psychic vampires, negative and toxic situations that harms you and your relationships.

Price: 2,200.00 PHP

Note: What are posted here in the rootwork section are the safest ones that anyone can request, without any need to check whether it's okay or not as - each of these are safe and does not bend to anyone's will. However, if you are requesting a more advanced or powerful dose of ritual that has domination, bending or mental working, kindly contact Krissy, if she will take on that request. Aside from those type of workings needs more rare materials and ingredients, there are such workings that are not always within her capabilities as she refuses to do harmful ones. It is a case by case basis, it is recommended, you reach out to her for your concerns.