New Moon in Scorpio: The Rebirth and Evolution!

The New Moon in the sign of Scorpio is going to be intense, explosive and so much magnetic! Not just it’s because it’s Scorpio… but the alignments and combination in the sky is really adding up with a whole lot of intensity that we have never experienced before – for better or worst!

Imagine, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars. We just had a Full Moon in Aries which is also ruled by Mars. While most astrologers ignore every little changes “big planets” make in terms of transits – the situation now is different. He just went direct, along with Saturn and Ketu and is making big impact triggering Mars in the sign of Libra. Not only that, but Black Moon Lilith, decided to enter the mix to join in with Chiron, too! To top if off, this New Moon is going to oppose Uranus!

I don’t know about you… but I don’t even think I even need to spell it out to tell you how crazy this energy is coming to be – not just for me, but for each and every one of us!

The question right now is … “IS IT A GOOD OR A BAD THING?”

Let’s get real… that is really what we are all concern about. Truth be told, I’d say it depends… it depends on a person’s natal chart and horoscope. The effects will differ.

The only thing I can tell you… is that this will either be VERY, VERY GOOD or VERY, VERY BAD – that is something I can definitely guarantee!

This New Moon in Scorpio energy is going to occur on October 28, 2019 in a direct opposition to Uranus – exact aspect, which makes it a lot more strong and intense. With Uranus electrifying this energy, we can really create massive changes in our lives that can bring shocking events and surprises.

(Take this with a grain of salt – remember, the effects can be both positive and negative, we are not just dealing with Scorpio energy, but Uranus as well!) It is highly dependent where Scorpio is on your chart.

  • 1ST HOUSE – Wanting to change something with ourselves and with how we deal with our commitments and partnerships that can shake things up, which brings both excitements and challenges at the same time. Suddenly you find yourself wanting to change everything, which can cause a lot of expenditures in the process.
  • 2ND HOUSE – Having a desire to drastically make a change of appearance – mostly within the face and hair area, to how we look and present ourselves in a way that we think that makes us more confident with ourselves. This can make one suddenly be very attractive and eye-catching, getting the attention of many people! You earn money and use them all up – for a reason as such.
  • 3RD HOUSE – Be very careful not to drive so fast and be impulsive with your travels, day to day life and how you communicate with people. It’s so easy to fall prey into things and have problems or sudden upsets, but this allows you to engage in socialization to meet different types of people in the process. Remember, indiscretion can be your enemy. At the same time, this can make you have the power to stand up for yourself and confront people.
  • 4TH HOUSE – Suddenly finding yourself dabbling with the occult and practicing spiritual, occult and other metaphysical things at home There is also a sense of need for great emotional security and you’ll have the urge to fight for this. This also intensify your investigative skills and finding secrets that are at home or within a family and even marriage.
  • 5TH HOUSE – You become an initiator to share and express your truth of the things you know to be true, either in a very occult or manipulative way, to other people and you get noticed by it – like an astrologer, a teacher or researcher wanting to expose things. You may also suddenly instigate movement from people or get oppressive and shocking reactions out of them which can lead to some problems. This can also make you be very sexual and have a tendency to have a need for sexual intimacy all the time and, if left unsatisfied, you might suddenly give your attention elsewhere.
  • 6TH HOUSE – This can create emotional intensity to you and you express this to people, associates or in your work life. This can make you have an interest with the mysteries of life or suddenly finding yourself doing something you are not supposed to do – the forbidden things. Sudden ups and downs in work or health can come up as well which will require you a great amount of stress and hard work in the process to fix things as Uranus will be in the 12th House. On a positive side, you might just have the need to use a lot of your time to having intense workout – as the alignment can help you lose a lot of weight and make your health and body really strong in the process.
  • 7TH HOUSE – Your relationship life is going to experience a lot of changes which can be good or bad, because big part of the scenario is going to be triggered by you. You either enforce something in the partnership that allows things to get better or you do something in that relationship that triggers things to fall apart. This can trigger separation, break ups and upsets – definitely. You can also suddenly enter a relationship but attracting a very “Scorpio” like person in your life – very possessive, manipulative and complicated type of person which can be suffocating and hard to deal with for a long-term basis to some people, as it will lack stability to last. A sudden change can occur in your relationships from sudden lost to a sudden gain as well.
  • 8TH HOUSE – This will make you wanting to crave for sexual intimacy that can really make you not just feel good out of lust, but that can really make you feel alive. On a negative aspect, you need to be careful as this can highlights problems through sex, especially related to your sex organs (if you are engaging unsafe sex routines) so, be really careful. This can also be about finding out some deaths with the people that are close to you – possible but definitely not indefinite. Most importantly, this can trigger a lot of “secretive” things like doing detective work on someone, stalking them or just wanting to find out things, backed up by a form of passion and real sense of emotion to it.
  • 9TH HOUSE – This can make you be very serious with your own thoughts and beliefs in life and you might express this to people that are around you – in your day to day life, maybe with your siblings or family members as well. This can suddenly make you very interested to the occult and supernatural side of life. You might suddenly find an interest to astrology and study them in the process or reaching out to people that are related to them. You learn from them and adapt it in your day to day life. You suddenly have the urge to travel or explore things rather than to treat things in point-blank state of mind.
  • 10TH HOUSE – Your reputation and career life can have ups and downs but you can also be recognized by a lot of people in your career. This can be a great opportunity to either be promoted or recognized by a lot of people or your peers both in a positive and negative manner. There could be great transformation about to occur for you in terms of your career and how you are seen by people, especially by your peers, co-workers and family members as well. Know that promotions and sudden losses can go hand in hand together in this placement.
  • 11TH HOUSE – You find yourself interested in groups that shares the same values, beliefs and intensity. This might make you instigate in creating a social network that is related to such things that gives you a sense of power and confidence with these set of people as a whole. You can receive and gain money and be able to manifest something that is related to your hopes and dreams at the given time. However, it can also create struggles, ups and downs in terms of your social life, associates and people that you know as well. You gain some and you lose some, is probably the appropriate word for this.
  • 12TH HOUSE – This can highlights the things in your private life that you may be trying to hide or keep hidden and maybe you are trying to ignore it but it’s coming out in the surface to be noticed by you, which can be very emotionally explosive in nature, especially if you have been repressing yourself with what you truly feel and desire in life. This can trigger you to do something behind the scenes that allows you to express yourself in a very honest and real manner, at the same time, in a very animal instincts kind of way. You might also want to talk and confront an ex-lover and work around issues related to your relationship with them. This can also highlights your pessimistic, vindictive and revengeful nature to people, if it’s being influenced on a negative aspect in your own chart and horoscope.

This new moons are all about new beginnings, ventures and opportunities that are about to occur and manifest in our lives. There could be sudden deaths, sudden revelation that comes. Our intuition gets really strong at this time so, it’s wise to really trust that! This new moon, also gives emphasis on everything that is related to Scorpio – which is all about sex and its morality issues, death, rebirth, the occult, astrology and a lot of those taboo and really deep stuff that Scorpios are known for.

Risk is another factor that is strongly playing out with this new moon, but I highly advice to keep it under moderation and try to re-think about the decisions you make before implementing them to avoid pitfalls.

Mars is in a quincunx to Neptune, which can really trigger our sense of feeling giddy, erratic, unsettled and impulsive. This can have a lot to do with our desires we want to have and be fulfilled but we may not be getting it… so we unconsciously try to do things to shake it all up to achieve something out of it. This is an element where people tend to do things without really thinking of its consequences.

There is an energy of power play that makes us feel in control and confident with ourselves and the things we do and what we want to do. Lilith and Chiron in the sign of Aries really gives a factor on the things that were left unsaid, left undone… we want to finish those loose ends to gain power and control back in our life.

This can be a very liberating as this energy will really free us from the shackles that is binding us. Lilith and Chiron really speaks volumes on the pain, betrayal and suffering we have encountered and endured… and what we should do about it this time around. As it makes a trine to the Venus and Mercury conjunction… there could be things we are willing to talk about this time around.

A willingness to find out the truth and speak the truth… to tell someone what we are really feeling, what is inside our mind and heart.

Yes, it’s going to be intense. It’s going to be crazy… but it’s also making people come out of their closet – to be more honest with themselves. To heal people who are broken and to mend relationships and give closure to that chapter of our life… so we may move forward.

Again, I say… this is a time we can awaken ourselves into something and we may just take action to make something happen, trust me, it will lead us to an evolved better version of ourselves… for better or worst.

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